Carters Story

Our autism journey began in 2021 shortly after Carters first birthday. We began to notice that he wasn't babbling, making eye contact, gesturing, and he didn't seem to have any interest in toys or other kids. These delayed milestones led us to believe something else may be going on and our journey towards diagnosis began. After every possible medical scenario was ruled out, Carter finally saw the developmental pediatrician and was diagnosed in 2022, just after his 2nd birthday. We were so grateful for his diagnosis because it allowed us to begin advocating for him and educate ourselves on how to best support him. Carter is 3 and a half now and in the appropriate therapies and absolutely thriving!

Carters Corner Boutique was inspired by Carters autism diagnosis. It was very important for us to spread autism awareness and advocate for all of our special needs community. We've enjoyed putting this fun collection together and hope you love it, too! Thank you for all of your support and continuing to spread advocacy, inclusion, and awareness for our community.